Office Manager

Hailing from a small town called Sunnyside and later moving to Spokane, WA, Jennifer, aka Titch, loved sitting in mud puddles, digging in dirt and pretending to be one of the Thundercats while growing up. When digging up dinosaur bones didn’t really pan out for a future job, Titch decided to study all things biology and earned her degree with her piece of paper indicating she could really bullsh*t in biology. Facing another four long years of college, Titch instead chose her next passion in life; making other’s lives easier. From arranging travel, keeping the office in shape, and being the den mom, Titch wears many hats and loves working at 14Four. If you still want to talk about deoxyribose nucleic acid or the connection between microbiota and the enteric nervous system, she will happily discuss if you have the time.