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Steve Wanless // Technical Director

Steve Wanless hails from New Zealand, which makes him a Kiwi (not the bird or the fruit). He grew up close to what the rest of the world knows as the Shire and while living in a tiny house carved out of the side of a hill for only a short portion of his childhood, he does have rather large hobbit feet. He likes to ride a unicycle, walk on stilts, play with fire and is known to eat things that other people find terribly disgusting (tomato sauce on kraft singles). He's married to one of the most beautiful American women in the world and together they have 4 little keagles (kiwi and eagle kids, not the birds…get it?). He is perhaps best known for riding around his neighborhood on a tiny bike that he insists is actually made for a grown man (the neighbor kids aren't so sure).