Megan McNeal, or as the scientists at Delvtron Labs referred to her, “Project Z,” was born as part of a highly controversial, covert government program aimed at creating a super human that would one day live for 150 years and be able to breathe underwater. While the program was ultimately a catastrophic failure, Megan escaped and was adopted by a tribe of half-human, half-fish off the shores of Greenland where she lived out a quiet existence in their complex system of underwater caves and tunnels. That was, until recently, Megan emerged from the murky waters of the Wandel Sea and realized her full potential of becoming a principal ballerina for the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. So astounded by her ballet genius, the Russian Dancing community appointed Megan “Queen of the Dance,” and she toured the world putting on inspiring performances for dignitaries, heads of state, and royalty. Tired of the grueling and rigorous life of a prima ballerina she chose to join 14Four in 2012 as a Producer and work to make the advertising world's dreams come true. Megan still works here today and often thinks back wistfully to her pseudo family in the waters of Greenland, wondering where they are today.