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Matt Mitchell // Front End Developer

With just a few thousand brilliant keystrokes Ryan Mauer formed the perfect combination of 1’s and 0’s and created Matt Mitchell, AKA Party Time. Specifically designed to assist in cutting edge interactive campaigns, Mauer’s creation continues to evolve and contribute to 14four’s amazing brand of awesomeness. Stephan Hawking’s poignant summary of Mauer’s achievement puts ’The Party Time Project’ into perspective. “When Ryan Mauer created Party Time I knew I was finished as the leading intellectual among the human race.” Scholars around the globe have expressed disbelief that a program could produce such a perfect specimen in so many respects. Party Time’s chiseled features never fails to impose a state of awe upon anyone lucky enough to encounter him; male or female. His good natured spirit and outrageously charming personality is matched by none. Matt (Party Time) Mitchell is truly a masterpiece. The only flaw in Mauer’s opus is that Party Time, like so many other things, isn’t 100% compatible in IE. “I just didn’t think it mattered too much” notes Mauer “I mean who uses IE anyway?"