Back End Developer

Dustin Dikes came barging into the world two months early and eager to get his life started. He was raised as an only child in a town nobody cares about, overshadowed by the bright lights of San Francisco. He was growing happily, dreams of game development dancing in his head, when his parents dropped two huge life changing announcements. He was getting a sister, and they were moving to the great Pacific Northwest. Having watched too much Nickelodeon in his formative years, little Dusty one day decided to fulfill his longtime dream of becoming a fry cook, ideas of the developmental world long forgotten. Though the Krusty Krab was his true calling, the King was a close second. Not as exciting as he imagined, Dustin put both feet into the waters of higher level education, re-realizing his love of code, and worked toward a website design degree all the while keeping long hours with the King. Always a fan of juggling, Dusty decided there wasn't enough on his plate. He let his devious nature set in and he sought an illicit relation with his boss. Somewhere along the way, they both quit working for The King and tied the knot. Dusty made good use of his design degree by working hard as a developer at 14Four, a place he'd been destined for from the very beginning.