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Ben Hodge // Front End Developer

Sir Benjamin the Lanky of Hayward is the 3rd son and 4th child of 6 offspring born unto Richard the Hodge and the most loved, adored and praised by his parents. Like most infants in his family he was sent to boarding school in the mountains of his ancestral country, Norway, after the first 7 full days of life. It was there that he learned the most ancient of Viking traditions (including the eating Lutefisk and the swapping of v’s and w’s in warious vords) and practiced magic under the Trolls (he learned some spells, but mostly they taught him card tricks to earn money on the street). After receiving knighthood from Thor for saving the beautifully named fjords from Loki’s plot to have them renamed to simple, average bodies of water like gulfs or inlets (super lame), he turned his sights Westward. Or Eastward. You can actually get to America by going either direction. Anyway, he made his return to the States which are United and wandered about for many years, finding adventure, intrigue and a really cool coin that someone dropped. His travels brought him to Eastern Washington where, in a moment of weakness, he married a Swede and continued his adventures with her by his side. Then, through several more moments of weakness he had 3 daughters and suddenly the adventuring got more expensive. This caused him to realize that he should probably find a real job to earn money for adventuring, so he started working at 14Four. Here he builds websites while daydreaming of adventure.